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Business Intelligence And Software Analysis For Enterprise Management

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BI usage in industries

Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant report on analytics and Business Intelligence tools says “massively” more companies are using them. The report attributed increased utilization to self-service Business Intelligence, augmented analytics, and cheaper software costs. “The per-user price of BI Tools is a fraction of what it was a decade ago,” Gartner stated, citing cloud adoption and BI vendor rivalry.

Business Intelligence And Software Analysis For Enterprise Management


Gartner also noted that embedded Business Intelligence deployments generally include customers, suppliers, and other business partners, which drives adoption. BI software is embedded in ERP, CRM, and other business systems so users may analyze data without switching tools.

Technology journalist Maria Korolov wrote that embedded Business Intelligence and analytics solutions are utilized in sales and marketing, supply chain management, HR, and other company activities. E-commerce systems, mobile apps, online portals, and other consumer-facing applications are also using them for data filtering and analysis.

The following industries use business intelligence:

-BI helps banks evaluate financial risks before approving mortgages and loans. They and other financial services   organizations examine customer portfolios to design cross-selling campaigns to promote more goods.

-BI tools help insurers assess risk for life, vehicle, and homeowners insurance policies. Business Intelligence also analyzes policy   pricing.

-BI software helps manufacturers plan, buy, control, and monitor production.

-BI and analytics technologies help retailers manage inventory, product restocking, and marketing initiatives.

-BI solutions enable hotels manage customer loyalty programs, track room occupancy rates, and change pricing   based on booking demand.

-BI helps airlines track ticket sales, flight occupancy, flight schedules, crew assignments, and food and beverage   orders.

-BI and analytics solutions help transportation businesses plan distribution routes. BI tracks fleet operations and         gas mileage.

-BI systems help hospitals improve health care by analyzing patient outcomes and readmission rates. Doctors also –      study clinical data to diagnose medical disorders.

BI platform features

BI tools evolved from 1960s decision-support systems. Executive information systems were one product type that funneled information to senior company leaders. Modern BI platforms serve executives, department heads, middle managers, business analysts, and frontline operational staff.

BI platform features

Today’s enterprise business intelligence functions are:

Business tracking. Executives and managers use BI systems to track KPIs and other business metrics to track the performance of a company or business unit. That helps them discover and solve business issues more quickly than before performance reports were delayed. A BI tool may highlight that product sales in one location were below plan, allowing sales managers to boost them to reach the quarterly objective.

Statistics. Ad hoc data querying allows BI tools to do more than track metrics. Business users and BI analysts query data for company insights to optimize business processes, marketing campaigns, corporate strategy, and other enterprise elements. Querying and analysis also reveal corporate trends, helping executives identify new revenue prospects. Organizational data-driven decision-making relies on this BI function.

Information and reporting. Business users must receive and use Business Intelligence results. Initial reports were static and printed. BI dashboards are becoming more popular than reports. They have built-in data visualizations and allow deeper investigation. See 12 data visualizations for dashboards, reports, and online portals, another BI information delivery option.

business intelligence functions

Forecasting. BI uses descriptive analytics. It analyzes historical or real-time data streams to help enterprises adapt. Predictive analytics predicts future occurrences like customer responses to marketing pitches. Data scientists normally perform predictive analytics, however BI tools can be leveraged to run predictive models and what-if analysis queries on business scenarios.

Organizational challenges of BI

Business judgments were formerly based on experience, expertise, or intuition. Business intelligence tools have replaced gut-feeling management with data-driven decision-making. BI analyzes, visualizes, and reports actionable data to executives, managers, and other business users.

Enterprise business intelligence aids strategic and operational planning. Business Intelligence tools provide insights into corporate performance, processes, and trends, allowing management teams to spot issues and opportunities and take action. That can improve corporate efficiency, marketing, competitiveness, and revenue and profits.

Organizational challenges of BI

BI software has been widely employed in businesses since the early 1990s. Self-service BI tools and, more recently, augmented analytics capabilities based on AI and machine learning technologies have made the software easier to use, allowing business analysts and managers to run queries themselves instead of relying on BI professionals.

Getting BI programs approved and funded, integrating data sets for analysis, selecting BI software, training users, and keeping self-service BI implementations in different business units from devolving into chaotic environments that produce inconsistent analytics results are still challenges for BI and data management teams.

This comprehensive business intelligence reference offers advice on managing BI projects. You’ll learn about popular BI use cases, BI tool functionalities, BI system components, and the BI deployment process, as well as BI’s business benefits and obstacles. TechTarget articles that expand on the guide’s themes are linked throughout.

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